With Permanent Staffing we double our commitment.

In order to meet the numerous requests for specialised profiles in a short period of time, Gi Group has decided to complement temporary employment with a qualified service in the search and selection of specialised and sectoral profiles belonging to 5 professional families:

  • Mechanics
  • Logistics
  • Finance & Accounting
  • Office & Human Resources
  • Pharma


Our strength

Speed, efficiency and quality are our keywords.

You can count on that:

  • Extensive knowledge of markets and business contexts;
  • Customised search and selection processes;
  • Specialised and sector-specific sourcing channels.


The process steps

We present your company with the best candidates and candidates with new job opportunities.

We are your point of reference at all stages of the search and selection process:

  • We observe the company reality, sharing the needs and positions to be sought, defining profiles and competences, assessing organisational contexts, planning employer branding strategies and building customised projects based on needs
  • We search for the best candidates through online job posting, offline ads, communications on the main social networks and analysis of our databases
  • We select candidates by analysing motivations, skills and career paths
  • We present candidates by preparing dossiers
  • We share your feedback and that of the candidates
  • We support the induction into the company by providing continuous follow-up of candidates hired


Modular services

Our selection processes have one goal: to turn candidates into part of your company.

We provide services that can be tailored to your specific needs:

  • Search & Selection
    We search for the candidates you need and select the best resources for your company;
  • Advertising & Employer Branding ;
    We design campaigns in line with your search targets. We ensure the presence of your company on the major job sites, on gigroup.it, on the main social networks, in the main local and national newspapers and at the major recruiting events in the area;
  • Testing
    Through standardised and objective measurement systems, we assess candidates’ skills and professional experience, as well as attitudes, motivations and preferences;
  • Assessment Centre
    Using assessment methodologies, we identify characteristics and qualities needed to fill the positions you are seeking.