Gi Group is able to fulfil both specialised research with high added value and large projects for which specialised departments have been created.

We provide a dedicated team capable of meeting the recruitment and selection, administrative management and development plan needs of clients.

Flexibility is an essential prerequisite to be competitive: Our clients are aware of the changes in the labour market.
Similarly, more and more professionals are opting for a flexible way of working, as they enjoy the same benefits as internal staff (a legal requirement) in the institution where they are temporarily assigned.

Gi Group’s commitment is to use all these elements to build a strong relationship between the client and the candidate. Currently, clients are asking for staff who are familiar with the sector and have been in the field since the mission began. It is important that the employee has the skills required for the job, is flexible and can fit in with existing staff.

This is where Gi Group steps in. We work closely with our clients to continuously improve our services at a competitive cost; this is the main reason for our client loyalty and growth.

We have networks and recruitment channels that enable us to provide temporary and permanent staff that meet our clients’ expectations in terms of experience, training and skills.