With its services, Gi Group, as a leading player on a global level, aims to contribute to the development of the labour market and to raising awareness of the personal and social value of work.


At Gi Group, work is understood as an instrument for the realisation of the person and his or her goals, and as a participation in the construction of a greater good that lasts.

Gi Group’s work aims to create work opportunities that allow individuals to build a future that meets their expectations and needs, respecting the principles of equality, impartiality, protection of personal dignity and safety, and against all forms of discrimination and illegality; and that allow companies to select, develop and manage the best candidates, according to their needs.

Gi Group is aware of the public and social role of its mission: as a multinational labour company, it is called upon to configure itself as the primary interlocutor for institutions and to actively participate in defining new and better rules for the development of the market and local communities by importing and exporting best practices worldwide.
It is also aware that the good it seeks to build through its daily efforts is the individual responsibility of the company’s members. The Group’s companies and all their employees or persons working on their behalf are therefore called upon to assume a responsibility that leads them to act consciously with regard to:

  • universally recognised human rights by actively protecting them;
  • the laws of the countries in which the Group operates and combating abuse and corruption in any form;
  • the rules for the protection of health and safety at work by promoting the culture of these rules through the most effective preventive measures;
  • supporting the most advanced initiatives, technologies and practices to preserve the environment

Gi Group encourages its employees and representatives to carry out their work assignment with the utmost care and attention: The work must be done well, for themselves and for those for whom it is intended.

In this context, Gi Group’s guiding principle is service quality, which is reflected in a strong two-way and complementary focus on the following:

  • clients, be they companies or applicants: to meet their specific needs with ad hoc tools and services by offering real, targeted and lasting solutions that create value;
  • the person: to reinforce the recognition of their value and the awareness of the great importance that work has for them, to welcome them and take care of them, believing that the company can play an educational role in people’s lives.

Gi Group believes that the ability of a company to maintain its equilibrium and performance conditions in the market is a sine qua non for sound business operations and meeting the needs and objectives of stakeholders.

It must combine the continuity of the business with the excellence of the services and must not be understood as the ultimate goal of the activity, but as a means to promote the organisation, its employees and the economic and social fabric in which the company is embedded, and must be pursued with the utmost respect for the law and in accordance with the principle of free, regulated and fair competition.

Gi Group believes that continuous learning and the appropriate application of improvement and innovation are necessary conditions for doing the best job and maintaining the continuity of the company, creating new solutions capable of responding to evolving and changing economic and social conditions for the benefit of all stakeholders.

Indeed, Gi Group employees feel they are at the service of the reality that surrounds them and not the other way around, which is why they make themselves available to workers, applicants, companies and institutions, sharing the company’s solid know-how both through their daily professionalism and through appropriate dissemination and training channels.

Gi Group is committed to developing the skills and competences of management and employees so that, in the context of work performance, the energy and creativity of individuals can be fully utilised to develop their potential.

Gi Group believes that people are a fundamental resource for an organisation based on interdependence and that only through teamwork and full participation in the company’s mission can it be achieved.

For individuals, understanding the values, mission and direction of the company as being in line with their own vision of work means moving from passivity to proactivity: Everyone in Gi Group is called upon to establish a dialectical relationship with colleagues and superiors, to discuss working conditions and to contribute suggestions for improving the company’s products and processes that create added value for all concerned.

Strictly logical exchanges must indeed characterise not only relations between colleagues, but also relations with other stakeholders, in order to maintain a climate of respect for the dignity, honour and prestige of each individual and to ensure shared growth.