Your professional development is our best investment.

Within the Group, thanks to the diversification of the services offered – and the consequent specialisation of the different companies in the various HR processes – professional development paths are possible both vertically (i.e. with the assumption of greater responsibility, moving from operational to management level) and horizontally (with the possibility of completing one’s professionalism through different experiences, but always related to the world of Human Resources).


Internal staff development processes

Internal staff development projects revolve around two processes that are managed and supervised by HR and developed within staff functions and business units: the competency assessment and the performance appraisal process.


  • Competency mapping provides a snapshot of the skills required to successfully fill each business function and indicates the level of coverage of each position as well as training measures to fill existing gaps to activate vertical and horizontal mobility processes.
  • Performance appraisal, in turn, has the multiple purpose of clarifying to all staff the objectives of their role and the quantitative and qualitative expectations regarding their performance, encouraging feedback on their performance and formalising action plans to support their professional development.