The selection process

For us, people are a strategic factor in fostering the growth of our Group: this is why the selection and induction of new employees is an extremely important phase.

In identifying the best-performing profiles to be included in the company, we make use of all the skills we have acquired in the field of selection through years of careful and profitable activity on the national territory.

The channels we use, in addition to our website and advertisements on the main recruitment sites, are an important networking network, created thanks to the work of all the companies

of the group, from which we select figures with strong know-how in the human resources sector, and contacts and collaborations with leading universities and specialisation schools to select young talents interested in joining a dynamic and fast-growing multinational context.

The selection process, for both junior and senior figures, is very structured and involves several selection steps aimed at assessing not only the skills but also the values, motivation, proactive spirit and attitude to working in a team of candidates.